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I have something personal to share with you today.

For 12 years I called Fort McMurray, AB my home.  It’s where I started my career, created amazing friendships and had my children.  Today the city is no longer the same as when I left.  My friends and family have been displaced and some have lost their homes.  I feel helpless as I am thousands of miles away but my heart is with those affected.

But, I have seen something amazing come from this tragedy.  Everywhere I look on social media I see pictures of trucks loaded up with jerry cans with fuel, food, water and medical supplies.  I’ve seen hundreds of posts of people offering up their homes, land and help for those in need.  I’ve seen businesses offering lodging and food for FREE.

It can be quite difficult to see the rainbow through the clouds but it is quite obviously shining through right now.  Thank you to everyone who is helping fight this fire.  Thank you to everyone offering help in a time that so many are in need.  Fort McMurray is strong.  The community will survive, the people will persevere and you will be back better than ever.

Stay safe out there!


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