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How can you reduce workplace injury costs?

When a worker is hurt on the job, it costs money.  There is loss of production, investigation costs, worker’s compensation costs and in some serious cases there can also been fines imposed.  So how can you reduce these costs?  To do so, you need to prevent workplace injuries.  Looking at the big picture, that can seem to be an impossible task but, taking small strides, it can come easily and rather quickly.

  1. GET A SAFETY PROGRAM – implement a well-written safety manual, conduct new hire orientations and review work practices
  2. CONDUCT RISK ASSESSMENTS – work through JHAs with the workforce to assess tasks and develop work procedures.  This may also provide an opportunity to reduce quality and production costs rather than just increasing costs.
  3. PROVIDE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT – ensure workers are provided with the correct tools, equipment and material.  This also includes providing them with the correct personal protective equipment as a mechanism of protection.
  4. MAKE SURE IT’S WORKING – is your program right for your company?  A simple survey can show how the implemented program is working.  You need to change your culture so it may take some time but you WILL see results if you’re supporting the program.
  5. BE AN EXAMPLE – show your workforce that you’re engaged in the safety program and truly care about their safety.  This will improve morale and a sense of duty to work effectively and responsibly on the workers part.
  6. APPLY FOR YOUR WCB REBATE – companies with implemented Health and Safety Programs are eligible for rebates, check with your provincial worker’s compensation board.
  7. IMPLEMENT CORRECTIVE ACTIONS – apply what has been learned from past incidents.  Implement new processes, new equipment or other means to protect workers from injury on the job.

Workplace injuries have a serious impact on the organization but have debilitating consequences for the families of those that are injured.  As an organization you have the ability to replace that worker, their family cannot.  Be a responsible employer and protect your workers.  It is beneficial to both you  and the workers.

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