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Who We Are

Our management team has more than 30 years’ experience in the construction, oil and gas, and mining industries. Our professional backgrounds are in heavy equipment operating, power engineering, project supervision, and more than 15 years in health and safety consulting. We have experience on the following major projects:

  • Long Lake Project
  • Surmont Phase II
  • Cenovus – Ice Road Construction & Maintenance
  • Cloudworks – Run of River Hydro-electric Project
  • Fort Hills – Construction Site Services
  • Husky Whiterose Construction Project
  • Kearl Lake – River Water Intake/Earthworks Project/Deep Underground
  • Syncrude Canada Ltd. Operating Plant – Base Mine Expansion – Aurora Mining Program
  • Suncor – Maintenance Project & Mining Program
  • Shell Albian Sands Mining Program
  • CNRL (Canadian Natural Resources Limited)
  • Diavik Diamond Mines
  • Iron Ore Company of Canada Expansion Project
  • Hebron Gravity Base Structure Project
  • Long Harbour Processing Plant Construction Project

Educated by Experience

Our experiences are in more than just one aspect of the business; we’ve been involved in construction, mining, oil and gas as well as energy projects. This exposure has given us insight into all elements that make an organization and/or a project successful; safety, quality, production, and cost. Throughout these projects, we have seen successes and failures. Unfortunately, failures come at a price, one that cannot be measured in numbers and figures. We have seen workers gravely injured and lose their lives within organizations and on projects.

This background provides us with an ability to see the bigger picture for businesses. Our focus is to provide companies with a quality product and service that is affordable.

Turning a Dream Into a Reality

As a safety consulting firm in Fort McMurray, Alberta, we provided a lot of assistance to small and medium sized organizations. Despite numerous employees and in some cases, millions of dollars worth of contracts with large oil companies, many of these companies were years behind the industry when it came to safety. Each time there were common denominators that enabled this lack of safety culture.

  • Inadequate Programs – With a written program by an advisor with limited knowledge and experience, the program doesn’t provide the necessary education and protection for the organization and its employees. My Safety Coach provides an up to date program that’s accessible online from anywhere and the support to help you implement it.
  • Safety Program Run by the Safety Advisor – To create a safety culture within your organization, the driving force must be senior management. Historically companies hire a safety person and believe all the responsibility lies on them. The fact is the law penalizes management and supervisors in charge of directing work where there is a serious injury or death. So the driving force behind the program needs to be management and supervision.

My Safety Coach Inc provides the guidance, training, and support needed to execute the safety program this way and will ensure that you and your business does its due diligence and conforms to the mandates of legislation.

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