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It is our goal to be the one resource you need to ensure the safety of your business’s operations. We accomplish our goals through the provision of programs, practices, and resources. Read on to see what we can offer.

Health & Safety Program

This manual is compliant with current occupational health and safety legislation. It’s been written to the highest industry standard and in many areas exceeds legislative requirements. It’s provided to you in Word format so that required changes can be made. Our safe work practices are developed based on legislative requirements. It’s important that prior to implementation the work practices are reviewed by management, supervision, and workers. This will give them the opportunity to ensure that these practices match the way in which your company currently executes its various types of work.

Personal Safety Consultant

Years ago, safety was delivered by ‘safety officers’, a term that is still widely used today. Since the passing of Bill C-45, there’s been a requirement for that attitude to change. Companies need the safety message to be successfully delivered from management and supervisors, because they are ultimately responsible if there are serious injuries or accidents. We see our role as being your company’s personal safety advisors for your managers, supervisors, and existing safety advisors. Our goal is to provide your company with the highest quality safety program that evolves with your business.

Benefits for Members

As a member of your company will see business and financial benefits.  A personal, highly experience health and safety consultant, an industry leading health and safety manual as well as numerous resources will help you take your company to the next level!

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