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Why your company needs a health and safety program

All organizations are required to have a written health and safety program.  Not only is it legislatively required, but there are numerous benefits to your organization.

  • SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT – Every worker has the right to work in a safe and protected workspace.  No worker should be required to put their safety or health at risk to get a job done.
  • STRUCTURE – Providing structure and organization to your company builds a solid foundation for success.
  • ACTIVE MANAGEMENT – When upper level management engages in the safety program, it forces interaction with the workers at every level.  This gives the outward appearance of a team atmosphere even if that isn’t the end goal for your organization.
  • INCIDENT REDUCTION – The implementation of a health and safety program with an active workforce will naturally see a reduction in workplace incidents.  It will also encourage the reporting of near misses which can then be investigated to implement actions to prevent actual occurrence.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – When work is assessed for the best and safest possible execution, productivity will increase.  The lack of incidents and accidents will also ensure there is no interruption to production for investigations and stop work orders.
  • COST – Investing in your safety program is investing in your most valuable asset, your people.  This also comes with a benefit, a rebate on your worker’s compensation rates.  For the majority of industry it also allows companies to bid on larger projects or with companies with higher safety standards.
  • PROTECTION – Perhaps the most important benefit is the protection of your people and your organization.
  • REQUIRED – If none of the other reasons were suitable, the final reason is because it’s required by law.  Provincial Occupation Health and Safety Legislation states that organizations must have a written health and safety program.  Companies are responsible for the protection of the people conducting work on behalf of their business.

Aside from all the reasons why you require a health and safety program and why it may be beneficial, organizations are morally obliged.  Would you want your family member working for a company who was not interested in protecting their lives on the job?  Didn’t think so….

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