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What kills an average of 3 Canadians per day?

Canadians are losing their lives everyday.  919 Canadians died in 2014 and 239,643 Canadians were injured so badly they could not immediately return to work.

Workplace fatalities and serious injuries are causing a great loss to our Nation, at what cost?  No one wants to risk their lives for a pay cheque.  No family should have to mourn the loss of a loved one who risked their life for a job.  Companies can replace workers lost in the line of work but their families cannot.

So today, April 28 the National Day of Mourning, let’s remember the workers that have lost their lives or have been seriously injured on the job.  But let’s also focus on working safely to prevent this from happening to anymore families. is committed to assisting companies in protecting their workers from workplace injuries.  Our goal is to make safety accessible for every organization.  We are here to work for you!


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