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Is Your Safety Program SMART?

SPECIFIC – Your safety manual/program should be specific to the work that you do.  This should include a comprehensive list of safe work practices and procedures.

MEASURABLE – Your program should be measurable.  This can be difficult as you cannot measure what hasn’t happened.  But using survey methodology as well as the proven audit strategies, you can measure your culture’s progress.  This is also done by comparing specific time frames throughout calendar year to gauge incidents/accidents that are no longer reoccurring.

ACHIEVABLE – When you measure at what level your culture is functioning or how effective your programs were proven in the audit process, they should be at an achievable level.  It’s important that post-assessment goals are set to improve the program, identify gaps and a plan developed to be achieved.

REALISTIC – Actual results for a health and safety program assessment should be realistic, this is done when a professional is utilized in the audit and survey process.  Once realistic results have been combined with achievable goals they must then be implemented.

TIMELY – When gaps in health and safety programs or significant areas of improvement are noted, correcting these items in a timely fashion is essential.

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