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Learn More About COR Certification

What is COR™ (Certificate of Recognition)?

The certificate of recognition program is a national accreditation program that ensures companies have a health and safety program that meets national standards. The objective of this certification is to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries as well as reducing financial stress on organizations.

When an organization has their COR™ Certification, it demonstrates that they have achieved a level of health and safety education and program implementation within their company. There is specific training required and thirteen required safety program elements in the company’s Health, Safety and Environment Manual.

The National COR™ trademark is endorsed by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) but certification must be attained through a certifying partner in the province or territory where work is being carried out.


What are the benefits of COR™ Certification?

The biggest benefit of COR™ Certification is having a health, safety and environment program that meets the national standard. The audit process ensures the program in implemented and maintained within the organization. COR™ Certification is financially beneficial as companies qualify for worker’s compensation rebates as well as bid privileges on contracts where clients require COR™ Certification.


What is the process for COR™ Certification?

  1. Be a Member of a Certifying Partner Association – Based on your companies work type, you must select a certifying partner for your respective province. Below are the list of Construction Safety Associations for each province and territory to achieve COR™
  2. Register for the COR™ Program – Complete the documentation required by the certifying partner for the registration for the COR™
  3. Develop your Health, Safety, & Environment Program – The Company must have an implemented Health, Safety & Environment Manual subject to an audit through the certifying partner chosen. The score of the audit must be at least 80% and every individual element (out of 13) must receive a score of at least 50%. You can sign-up with by CLICKING HERE and receive your Health, Safety & Environment Program immediately.
  4. Receive a Temporary Letter of Certification – While ‘NEW’ companies are implementing their health, safety and environment program, conducting the required training and educating their workforce on their program requirements, a temporary letter of certification can be issued from the certifying partner.
  5. Complete Training – Depending on which certifying partner is selected, (based on company industry and type of work carried out) and the province/territory of certification, a number of courses must be completed. It’s recommended that the training be completed by a full-time employee with a vested interest in the organization. If an employee is trained, certification is achieved and the individual becomes unemployed with the organization, that COR™ Certification becomes invalid.
  6. Complete Auditing Process – Certification is completed upon the successful completion of an external audit. The audit must be submitted to the certifying partner within 45 days of the audit being completed. In order for the audit to be completed, there must be 6 months of documentation to review. The workforce must also be participating in the health and safety program and educated on their health and safety responsibilities. There will always be action items and learnings from the audit process. This is an opportunity for the company to continuously improve their Health, Safety and Environment Program and Health & Safety Culture.
  7. Conduct Annual Maintenance Requirements – There are annual requirements through your certifying partner for the maintenance of COR™ Certification and the training required to achieve this certification. Its imperative to keep up-to-date with your certification and training requirements so as to not put your COR™ Certification at risk. Being a member of Mysafetycoach will ensure you meet your maintenance requirements to ensure your retain your COR™


What is the SECOR™ Certification Process?

The SECOR™ Certification is designed for employers with less than 10 employees. Similar to the COR Process, the company must have the required training, health, safety and environment program (in place for a minimum of 3 months), complete the Small Employer Evaluation Tool and submit the package.

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