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How to conduct a quality toolbox talk

As the first point of contact with your workforce prior to starting a day’s work, a Toolbox Talk is an important meeting.  Being effective in sending the right message will continually improve your company’s HSE Program and workers participation.  Here are some tips to conducting a powerful Toolbox Talk;

  • Be Prepared – always have a topic prepared and reviewed prior to presentation
  • Be On-Time – set a positive example for the workforce by showing up a few minutes prior to meeting start time
  • Relevant Information – provide relevant information that will keep listeners engaged
  • Safety First – Have a short but applicable topic related to safety to start the meeting
  • Speak Clearly – ensure you communicate at the level of your workforce so every word is understood
  • Ask Questions – engage your audience by asking questions and seeking input
  • Follow-up – ensure that all questions that are answered at the meetings end are added to action log and answers provided at next meeting
  • Be Personal – show your workforce that you are on the same level and care for their wellbeing
  • Be Positive – diffuse any negative comments or behaviours and address issues with individuals post meeting. Do not engage
  • Keep it Short – toolbox talks don’t need to be any specific length, cover the required information, and answer questions
  • Document – ensure that toolbox talks are documented and filed

If toolbox talks are not conducted properly, they can be more of a hindrance than an effective tool.

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