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How do you manage your safety program?

There are several approaches organizations take to managing their Health, Safety & Environment Program.  Here are some of the most common ways;


  1. HIRING A FULL-TIME HSE ADVISOR – Hiring your own HSE Advisor can be a challenge.  The most difficult part is not knowing what their responsibilities should be.  It’s important that management is educated in Provincial Health & Safety Legislation as well as the requirements outlined within their safety manual.  If you are hiring for any role in your organization, it’s important that you know what needs to be done so you can effectively manage that position.


  1. HIRING A THIRD PARTY CONSULTANT – Some companies take their health and safety program very seriously and invest in the acquisition of a third party organization.  This can be very successful but it can also be quite costly.  There is also never a guarantee for success so do your homework on the organization you’re hiring and the consultant you’re assigned!



  1. TAKING ON THE DO-IT-YOURSELF APPROACH – While this option is likely the most cost efficient, it can be among the most difficult.  Small businesses commonly spread their resources and this can lead to incompetency among the HSE Position.  It is best to have someone educated, experienced and efficient to complete these requirements.


  1. OPTING TO PLEAD IGNORANCE AND NOT IMPLEMENT A PROGRAM AT ALL – While this is not always a conscious decision, it’s one often taken.  There are numerous reasons for this; lack of knowledge, budget constraints or lack of ‘belief’ in implementing a safety program.  There is no longer an option of implementing a safety program, it is a legal requirement.  Companies that do not have a health and safety manual are just one injury away from serious consequences for themselves and their business.



None of the above options are a guaranteed success.  You never know if the person you’re hiring is truly invested in your organization or even has the same philosophy on safety.  It’s important that you educate yourself in the legal requirements for your province and ensure your methods of approach align with whomever you employ.

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